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There are fewer than 820 Icelandic goats left on the planet, and nearly half that population will be slaughtered in less than a month when the Haafell goat farm is foreclosed upon. This species is in a fragile state after suffering from a severe population decrease, and if the money isn’t raised to save the farm, their already small number will be reduced even further.

There is an IndieGoGo page set up in the farm’s honor, and they are only halfway to their goal with 18 days left. There are a ton of great perks available, many of which come from the farm itself. If you can, please donate.

81% funded, with ten days left!
C’mon tumblr; cute animals, endangered species, dragons and Game of Thrones! Why isn’t this funded yet?

Nah but seriously
This is an edgy goat.
Look at those bangs.
I bet he plays bass.

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